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praise the world [Aug. 14th, 2003|03:47 am]
Hot Air


[mood |human]

Sometimes as human beings we are so wrapped up in ourselves, we forget to acknowledge the past has brought us a great present. Sometimes I even bitch about all the mistakes that make this world a horrible place to live in, to breath in, and so on. Right now I appreciate technology and science. Think about it: Without people like Einstein and other outrageous people who questioned society we would not know as much about the world as we know today. Think about it before personal hygiene and soap and deodorant what did humans do? They bathed in just stagnate water. Doctors didn't even wash their hands 200 years ago, and they experiment with things like leaches to "cure" the sick. Look at some of the "stupid" things we did. Without experimentation and trial and error we might be where we are today. I guess our "mistakes" in the past let us make "Wiser" decisions in the future.
Just ponder on visions of not having electricity. What would you occupy your time with? No TV, no Internet, no lights after the sun set, dark gloomy eary rooms in houses with few windows. I see visions in my head-but do you? What about illiteracy? Before we had "public education" most people were illiterate, unless self tough or if you have money and power. Just think about how far we have come, and how much further we have to go. Maybe this world is still in a serious trial and error state, but then again the same mistakes for 1,000's of years are made from time to time. Maybe mother earth will outlast scientific predictions. Maybe are predictions are wrong. With knowledge we may defy what was planned for us, if there was a plan for us at all.
I realize I don't take much time to appreciate what I have. Then when I do I feel ignorant, because I don't know every simple fact and detail, or I never lived thru what people who existed before us lived thru. Events are so widespread and raped by the media we don't really experience anything first hand. Look at this whole Iraq conflict. We are not there first hand, and are painted images in our heads of what is going on over there by TV sets. Who says we can trust what we are really watching? It will take a good 10 years for people who lived the war first hand to write novels and make movies about what happened. Maybe your best friend or your husband/boyfriend/wife/girfriend fought in the war. Maybe your father or mother did. Maybe they can paint the real images of that in your head, but not everyone has that sort of first person view in their life. We depend on news papers and Media figures to "fill us in." The irony of this is I want to be a journalist. I want to take other peoples lives, and write about them. I want to in detail analyze the situations and reiterate my knowledge to the public via a communication tool. Humans are always in need of knowledge, whether it be useless gossip or something that will change the world i. We choose what we want to know, and use what we know the way we want to.
The whole purpose of this useless rambling is maybe we should all appreciate the past and present a little more. What we choose to do has an effect, not only today but in the future also. I guess I am done.
<3 XO

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