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[Nov. 26th, 2003|12:26 am]
Hot Air


[mood |pissed offpissed off]

So I feel the need to vent at this point. The guy I like totally disregards my feelings. It is all a huge joke to him. The fucking pot head tried scamming me for my weed, and then brags about it and talks like I was in the wrong. Well I am going to shut him up and tell him what's what tomorrow. I am sick of him bad mouthing me. I haven't even told anyone my side of the story, unless they confronted me about the situation. He tries taking my weed from me, then tells people I am just a paranoid psycho bitch. Well guess what I am psycho, and have every right to suspect him. He thought I was asleep, when I was totally eve's dropping on him and his roommate talking about splitting my bag and selling it. I am not stupid. I watch my back. He wouldn't even give me the weed from the time we purchased it, until like 3 hours later when I had to almost beat his ass for it. Shit hit the fan, he got caught in his lies, and I got what was rightfully mine. That is all there was to it, but now he has to drag other people into it. he is going to get my 2 cents he's got coming to him, plus the $1 in left over baggage from everything that's happened these last few months.
The thing that hurts the most is his total disregard for my feelings. I am a pretty reasonable upfront girl. I don't lie, and I tell people how I feel when I feel it. Mind you I have done everything for this kid this last year, besides get him into his current living situation. I got him out of his "abusive" home, into an apartment after his first set of room mates fucked him over. Brought him to and from work, and any place he wanted. I even let him drive my car alone and he only has a permit. I Put atleast 5,000 miles on my car for this kid. And he does what? Fucks me over. I got him a better job, and talked to his ex boss when he lost that job. I have bought him groceries, cigarettes, bailed his roommate out of jail, and everything else for him. And I get what? Not a fucking thing. I never asked for anything or expected anything but respect. And now I am left with nothing.
He claimed to never lie, and he lied. He is a "feminist" and gets pissed when he find out other women are being disrespected, but did nothing but disrespect me and my wishes. I actually believed his bullshit and bought into it. He has totally fucked himself over now, because he has his coming to him. 3 times worst then he gave he has coming.
I don't know why the hell I am even typing any of this. I just hope to stop thinking about it by doing so. I hope to find some sort of closure. He just pissed me off hardcore. The worst of it all is I work with him. I will quit my job if he doesn't get fired soon. I just can not deal with him, or any of the other punk ass kids that work there either. I got mad respect for my boss, but I just can't deal with lazy ass disrespectful teenagers. I am only 20 mind you, but work is work. Its kewl to have fun and dick around once and a while, but they take shit way to far. Then they don't get their work done and I get left picking up their slack.
Back to the subject BOYS SUCK! No wonder why I only date girls now. So OK I will shut up now. I hope your days have been better then mine. Thanks for reading, or caring if you even give a shit.